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We are the second-largest producer of eucalyptus pulp worldwide and are among the five largest pulp producers in the market.


We are Suzano Pulp and Paper, a forestry company whose parent company is Suzano Holding.

We were founded 93 years ago, and today we are undergoing a comprehensive process of rejuvenation. This process is driven by sustainable growth, and the formula for bringing us into this new era is innovation!

We are currently engaged in producing eucalyptus pulp, which is sold in 31 countries, and paper, which is sold in 60 countries. We are the world’s second-largest producer of eucalyptus pulp, one of the five largest market pulp producers and the regional leader in paper for household and commercial use.


As part of our continuous drive to innovate and break paradigms, we invest in other adjacent businesses:
fluff pulp, which is used to make diapers and sanitary napkins; lignin extraction, for which we began development
of a pilot plant in 2015, in a move toward the biorefinery concept; and tissue, with the 2017 construction of two units to
produce paper reels for conversion into tissue paper.





Through FuturaGene, the first company in the world to obtain approval
for the commercial use of genetically modified eucalyptus, we also operate
in the biotechnology industry, focusing on the genetic enhancement of
forestry and biofuel crops, with research labs in Brazil, Israel and China.




We maintain an administrative headquarters in São Paulo, São Paulo and five
industrial units, with one in Limeira and two in Suzano, São Paulo, one in Mucuri,
Bahia and one in Imperatriz, Maranhão.

Overseas we have a sales office in China and subsidiaries in the United States,
Switzerland, United Kingdom and Argentina. Meanwhile, FuturaGene has laboratories
in Brazil, Israel and China. There is also an FGN office in the United States,
as well as a university that will be included in the report.




Supported by our expertise in forestry operations, we advanced further in our goal of using our renewable forests to supply products and services that are profitable and socio-environmentally correct.

Our forest areas cover 1.2 million hectares, of which 518,000 hectares are planted forests concentrated in the states of Bahia, Espírito Santo, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Maranhão, Tocantins, Pará and Piauí. Approximately 480,000 hectares comprise preservation areas.





Sustainability Report 2016

The Sustainability Report 2016 presents Suzano’s activities, accomplishments, advances and challenges in the year. The document is divided into six capitals: manufacturing, intellectual, financial, human, social and natural, and covers GRI indicators involving social, economic and environmental aspects. In this year’s edition, the report highlights Suzano’s relations with its various stakeholders and the benefits generated by its social and environmental actions.


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