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Through FuturaGene, we operate in the biotechnology sector, working in the genetic development of forest crops and biofuels.


FuturaGene is the leader in plant genetic research and
development for the global forestry, biopower and
biofuel industries.

With facilities in Brazil, China and Israel, the
company develops sustainable technologies to meet
the growing demand for fiber, fuel and energy crops
in a scenario of increased land and water scarcity.


The technology developed by FuturaGene focuses on two
main platforms: boosting crop yields and improving processing
capacity post-harvest; and protecting crops from the threats
posed by climate change, reducing the consumption of natural
resources and enabling the cultivation of marginal land.


FuturaGene was the world’s first company to obtain approval for the commercial use
of a genetically modified strain of eucalyptus. This engineered eucalyptus tree, whose
key characteristic is higher yields, was approved by the National Biosafety Technical
Commission (CTNBio) in April 2015. The product is an example of Brazil pioneering
efforts in technological innovation and its approval is the most significant
milestone in the forestry industry since the adoption of clonal technology
in the early 1990s.



Sustainability Report 2016

The Sustainability Report 2016 presents Suzano’s activities, accomplishments, advances and challenges in the year. The document is divided into six capitals: manufacturing, intellectual, financial, human, social and natural, and covers GRI indicators involving social, economic and environmental aspects. In this year’s edition, the report highlights Suzano’s relations with its various stakeholders and the benefits generated by its social and environmental actions.


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