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EucaFluff is the world’s first commercially
available bleached kraft fluff pulp.



The product, which is certified by Brazilian Forest Certification Program (PECF Cerflor) and by the FSC® – Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC-C010014), is produced from reforested wood with far less environmental impact than the product produced by its softwood pulp competitors in the market.


EucaFluff was designed for absorbent products, non-woven
fabrics and disposable personal hygiene products such as baby and adult diapers and
sanitary napkins.

Our fluff pulp is 100% made from sustainable eucalyptus
trees planted and harvested in Brazil and is known for its excellent defibration, absorption
and softness. Its low mullen value means lower energy consumption during the pulp defibration
process, with defibration levels reaching over 87% with low generation of fines.





For more information on our product, contact our commercial team
and technical specialists at: