Pioneers cultivating life

We plant and harvest and we produce and transform, preserving nature, planting seeds of care, and cultivating sustainable relationships. This balance between pioneering and cultivating guides our 94 years of history and the content of our 2017 Sustainability Report.

In this document we show our belief that value can be created and shared with all stakeholders, and the way we work to improve the lives of our consumers by promoting access to personal hygiene, health, the world of reading, culture and education.

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The basis of our business is the more than 600,000 hectares of eucalyptus we planted to guarantee a sustainable pulp production, and the more than 500,000 hectares destined to conservation areas, totaling approximately 1.2 million hectares.

To ensure the perennity of our operations and the capacity to continue manufacturing products which are present in the daily lives of billions of consumers in Brazil and abroad, our care is found in every hectare where we are present. After all, our business depends on best practices with people as well as the environment.

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We are proud to be present in people's lives and are certain that our path makes us better every day. So that this feeling can extend beyond our company, we have formed a team of 8,000 people, distributed throughout all of Brazil and a number of foreign countries who are driven by the Purpose of pioneer cultivating life and guided by our DNA strong-and-kind.

These are the people who power activities such as our Volunteer Program and make Suzano one of the best companies to work for and develop professionally.

Innovation means finding ways for new technologies, models, processes and businesses to transform what we already know and help us to discover what we will create in the future. This is how we developed paper production from eucalyptus in the 1950s and have evolved with our adjacent businesses in recent years.

This entrepreneurial spirit also led us to develop the first eucalyptus fluff pulp and produce lignin, a green chemistry platform to replace fossil raw material, and to advance biotechnology research via FuturaGene.

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In order to continue investing in the present and future, we strive to be more efficient, productive, and innovative in everything we do. Our goal to improve every day direct investments such as the expansion of the Imperatriz (MA) plant and the installation of a new water treatment plant in Mucuri (BA) which were carried out last year.

In our ongoing search for improvement, we also prioritize social and environmental aspects through a management model that brings together the Mucuri River Springs Project, the Ecofuturo Institute, and many other initiatives and activities.

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