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The Forestry Business Unit is the heart of our operations. By combining the preservation of natural resources, good relations with local communities and economic development, we plant millions of trees every year.


We ensure our sustainable growth through forestry research and development, and this effort represents one of our key competitive advantages. Our forests are among the most productive in the world, and our practices are adapted to a variety of climates, soils and final wood applications.

Through our biotechnology subsidiary Futuragene, we have developed the world’s first genetically modified variety of eucalyptus.


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Backed by our expertise in forestry operations, we have advanced further toward our goal of using our own renewable forests to supply products and services that are profitable as well as socially and environmentally correct. Our forests cover 1.2 million hectares, 520,000 hectares of which are planted forests (owned, leased and incentivized land) concentrated in the states of Bahia, Espírito Santo, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Maranhão, Tocantins, Pará and Piauí. Approximately 488,000 hectares comprise preservation areas.

Our eucalyptus plantations coexist in harmony with Brazil’s fauna and flora. Because our stands of planted forests are intermingled with preservation áreas in a practice known as mosaic planting, we ensure shelter and access to food for a variety of wildlife species.

To make sure our forestry practices are clear, we have prepared some materials that will help you better understand the dynamics of eucalyptus cultivation.



In order to foster local development in the regions where we operate, in 1992, we launched our Forestry Partner Program.

By offering opportunities for local producers to become our wood suppliers, we encourage diversity in our production and disseminate good eucalyptus growing practices, while creating jobs and generating income in the communities surrounding our mills. The chart below explains how our Forestry Partner Program works:


To learn more about how to participate in this program as well as the financing conditions, time frames and costs, contact Suzano Responde:



Sustainability Report 2017

The Sustainability Report 2017 presents the main new developments of the past year and shows how Suzano continued to plant, harvest, produce and transform throughout 2017, with a focus on preserving nature, sowing care and cultivating sustainable relationships. This year’s document is divided based on the company’s four values (Planting the Seeds of Care, Harvesting Pride, Exploring Innovation and Improving Every Day) and adopts the GRI Standards, which is the latest framework for reporting on corporate sustainability.

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