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Our greatest value lies in our people. People who are dedicated and passionate about what they do and help build on our long history of innovation.

We believe that being Strong and Considerate is the best way to achieve sustainable growth. Strong because we are a competitive company, and Considerate because in our essence we care about people and respect the environment and local communities.


Working at Suzano means being a part of an inspiring and challenging environment that offers
a unique opportunity for personal and professional development. It means being stimulated
constantly to take on new challenges, act boldly and take charge of your career.

We invest in giving greater autonomy, expanding decision-making to all levels of the company,
continually exchanging experiences across teams and developing inspiring leaders.



Encouraging entrepreneurship contributes to and strengthens our
organizational climate and motivates our people to build a better
company every day. In our organizational culture, innovation is
expressed by the concept of “Together and Combined,” which means
that by integrating and combining ourselves, we complement
each other.

We also have received major recognitions in this area, such as
figuring in the rankings of the Best Companies to Work For in 2015
and the Best Companies for Starting a Career in 2016 compiled by
the magazine Você S/A.




The Volunteer Program fosters a culture of volunteer work and social entrepreneurship in our company through a direct relationship with our business.

We encourage employees, family members and partners to share some of their time and talent in transformational actions and commit to change society.

Learn more about our projects:


• Formare Apprentice: in partnership with the Iochpe Foundation, the initiative provides vocational training to socially vulnerable

youth in the Production Process Operator program. The classes are administered by Suzano volunteers.


• Suzano at School: developed in partnership with Junior Achievement, the volunteers teach classes at schools to

arouse their interest in studying by sharing their knowledge of the business world and career opportunities.


• Social Actions: social mobilization initiatives to foster the exercise of citizenship and solidarity.


You too can be a Volunteer Ambassador, whose role is to help manage the Volunteer Program by identifying actions

and opportunities for volunteer activities in local communities and determining how they will be executed.


Be a part of this movement for good. Join now!
#whatsyourrole #shareyourtalent



Sustainability Report 2017

The Sustainability Report 2017 presents the main new developments of the past year and shows how Suzano continued to plant, harvest, produce and transform throughout 2017, with a focus on preserving nature, sowing care and cultivating sustainable relationships. This year’s document is divided based on the company’s four values (Planting the Seeds of Care, Harvesting Pride, Exploring Innovation and Improving Every Day) and adopts the GRI Standards, which is the latest framework for reporting on corporate sustainability.

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