Suzano Pulp and Paper elected one of The Best Companies For Starting A Career

This is the second straight time the company is recognized by the organizational climate survey targeting exclusively young professionals

Suzano Pulp and Paper was elected one of the best companies for launching a career. The organizational climate survey targeting exclusively young professionals is sponsored by the magazine Você S/A in partnership with Cia de Talentos, a Brazilian consulting firm specializing in young professionals, and the business school Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA).

The survey ranked the 40 best companies for starting a career based on aspects such as Career & Recognition, Professional Development, Identity, HR Innovation, Leadership and Quality of Life.

To figure in the select list, Suzano Pulp and Paper scored high in criteria such as its internship program, which was praised for promoting job rotation across departments, and Click, an idea program through which anyone can suggest improvements to a committee.

According to Carlos Alberto Griner, Chief HR Officer, the recognition reinforces the cultural transformation currently being promoted by the company. “We try to provide our employees with a workplace that encourages innovation, creativity, bold thinking and the sharing of ideas not just for those starting off, but also for the talent that helped us get where we are,” explained the executive.

The ranking of the Best Companies for Starting a Career comprises three identifiers. With a weighting of 70% in the final score, the Young Worker Satisfaction Index (ISJE) is based on employees’ perceptions of the company where they work. Meanwhile, the Company Management Quality Index (IQGE) assesses management practices and has a weighting of 15% in the final score. The same weighting is given to the score assigned by the journalists at Você S/A to the pre-classified companies.