Suzano Papel e Celulose is a finalist for three of IBEF’s annual awards

Our company was the only company in the country to reach the final stages of three annual awards granted by the Brazilian Institute of Finance Executives (IBEF) in 2016. The company won the Revelation Award in Finance and was nominated for the Equilibrista Award for CFO of the year as well as the Golden Tombstone for best financial transaction of the year. In order to reach this final nomination stage, we won the Golden Tombstone award in the Debt category for the first issue of green bonds in dollars in Latin America.

“Suzano’s presence in the final three represents the work of an entire team. We can only innovate in initiatives in the financial area because we have the right people on our team,” says Executive Director of Finance and Investor Relations Marcelo Bacci. “This external recognition confirms Suzano’s concern with attracting and retaining the best talent in the market,” adds Bacci, who is a finalist for the Equilibrista award.

The final results for the Equilibrista award were announced this past Monday evening. Prior to joining the list of top financial executives of Brazil in 2016, we had also distinguished ourselves in with two other awards. In October, our Performance Manager Lais Motti Meduna was nominated for the IBEP/KPMG Revelação prize in finance. She won first prize with his her project “A Year in Two Days – introducing EBITDA Day,” an initiative that allows the company’s budget to be completed in only two days and brings together all the main areas of our company.

Last week, the work of our Finance team was recognized again by the IBEF. The company won the Golden Tombstone award in the category for Debt for the first issue of green bonds in dollars by a Brazilian company. The Transaction of the Year award went to Kroton Educacional, which also won in the M&A category. CVC Brazil won in the Equity category.

“We are always attentive to opportunities to maintain our financial strength and reduce our level of indebtedness, and to do so we must also innovate in developing new initiatives in the area of finance,” emphasized Bacci.

Besides the issuance of green bonds in dollars in July, we were also pioneers in issuing the first green bond in the domestic market in a transaction involving agribusiness receivables certificates (CRA). These transactions moved US$ 500 million and R$ 1 billion, respectively. In both cases, the funds raised will be allocated to projects with positive attributes from an environmental viewpoint, stimulating sustainable development.