Suzano Pulp & Paper shareholders approve corporate reorganization with Fibria


The corporate reorganization to combine the operations and shareholders base of Suzano Pulp and Paper and Fibria was approved by a unanimous vote of Suzano shareholders in the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting (ESM) held on 13 September 2018. The shareholders approved all matters submitted to voting with the aim of merging the operations and shareholders base of Suzano and Fibria.

The transaction to merge the two companies’ assets was announced in March. On August 26, the Board of Directors of Suzano Pulp and Paper and of Fibria unanimously approved the conditions of the transaction. The competition authorities in the United States, China and Turkey also have already unconditionally cleared the transaction. In early September, it was the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM) who analyzed and also confirmed the transaction complies with the applicable corporate laws.

“The decisions taken by shareholders confirm the agreement’s success and shareholders’ interest in being a part of this unique moment for the companies and the global pulp and paper industry,” said Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano Pulp and Paper.

The new company will contribute to Brazil’s development by generating higher inflows of foreign currency, paying taxes, creating new jobs, strengthening regional economies and improving quality of life for local communities.

The agreement will be finalized once all required approvals are obtained. This corporate reorganization will ensure equitable treatment to all shareholders, with Fibria shareholders receiving from Suzano for each share they hold R$52.50 per share adjusted by the variation in the CDI rate plus 0.4611 share in Suzano. As a result, all shareholders will become shareholders in Suzano.