The Group

We are the Suzano Group, one of Brazil’s most traditional privately held business groups, built on over 90 years of innovation, professional business management and social environmental responsibility.

About Us

With 93 years of history, we are one of Brazil’s oldest privately held business groups. Our tradition inspires and fosters dynamic management, marked by a knack for innovation and reinvention, a willingness to take risks and make bold decisions. Evolving from the early days, when we were a retailer of paper products, we became a corporation: today, in addition to a significant share of the paper and cellulose industry, the Group has activities in insurance and reinsurance, risk management, real estate development, software, products and services for digital media. Through the Ecofuturo Institute, we invest in social programs.

Our work is built on lasting relationships, on the respect and trust of our employees, customers, suppliers, communities and partners. It is the result of a constant pursuit for new business models and products and for solutions that add value for the Group and for society.


Suzano Pulp and Paper

Suzano Pulp and Paper is a forestry-based company and one of the largest integrated producers of cellulose and paper in Latin America.

With operations in 60 countries and over 92 years of history, it is the second largest global producer of cellulose from eucalyptus – and one of the 10 largest producers of cellulose in the industry, in addition to leading the region in home and commercial use papers.

A subsidiary of Suzano Holding, the company operates in five industrial units: Suzano, Rio Verde and Limeira, in the state of São Paulo; Mucuri, in the state of Bahia; and Imperatriz, in the state of Maranhão. Together, they have a production capacity of 4.7 million tons, or 3.4 million tons of cellulose and 1.3 million tons of paper.

The company also maintains three commercial offices in China, the United States and Switzerland, as well as two subsidiaries: Sun Paper, in England, and Stenfar, in Argentina. The forest assets are distributed throughout eight states (São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Espírito Santo, Maranhão, Piauí, Tocantins and Pará) and total over 1 million hectares, of which 557,000 are cultivated.

Suzano also operates in other sectors: biotechnology, through FuturaGene, the first company in the world to receive approval for the commercial use of genetically modified eucalyptus; cellulose fluff pulp, used in the manufacturing of diapers and tampons;  and lignin, a byproduct of the cellulose production process and possible replacement for petroleum derivatives in high value added applications.



Alden Desenvolvimento Imobiliário is a real estate developer founded in 2011, as a joint venture between the Suzano Group and Helbor. Combining the expertise and experience of the two organizations, Alden develops real estate and subdivisions throughout Brazil.


MDS is a joint venture between the Suzano Group and the Portuguese group Sonae, which has operated for over 30 years in the fields of insurance, reinsurance and risk management. A market leader in Portugal, it also has a leading company in the Brazilian market. MDS holds a stake in Brokerslink, a global network of independent insurance brokers present in 80 countries.



Operating in the segments of finance, telephone, insurance and retailing, HiperStream offers software, products and services that allow organizations to migrate their physical legacy media to digital media, with obvious improvements in control, security and interaction with end customers.

The company is recognized for its integrated modular platform, which offers innovative solutions for processing data and high volume transactional communication, with a strong performance in the cloud.