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Our product line meets hygiene, cleaning, and family and home care needs.

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  • Mimmo®
  • Floral
  • La Vie Blanc®
  • Max Pure®
  • Scala

Its highly absorbent sheets have a unique cut here system with a tear-off indication as a suggestion for use. Its easy-open roll avoids waste. It s softer, fluffier and yields a lot more. Mimmo: care that yields more.

  • Maxx Baby

Quality, comfort and protection at a price that fits your budget. Eucafluff technology keeps your baby dry longer. Maxxigel allows for greater absorption and retention of liquids. For the comfort of your little ones, the diaper features a new and much softer lining, providing greater fit and softer to the touch. Maxx Baby, a diaper with care.

  • Econoclean

Econoclean paper towels are made for companies of all segments and sizes. They are sold in reels or folded sheets, both single and double ply, from 100% virgin pulp or recycled white paper.

More economical
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Tissue Coils

Our company also markets tissue coils to partners who perform conversion into finished products.

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