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Our portfolio consists of five product lines and over 20 brands. See all products in the tabs below:

To print and write
Specialty papers

The printing and writing papers product line is used for presentations, projects, schoolwork, and everything else that impacts your daily life.

  • Report® Premium
  • Report® Reciclato
  • Report® Colored
  • Report® Senninha©
  • Copimax®

Alkaline paper for everyday documents, such as reports, quotes, and schoolwork. Ideal for inkjet and laser printing. It is differentiated by high quality, whiteness and opacity. Improved performance over conventional papers, delivering richer, true-to-life image printing, richer black and faster drying.

GRAMMAGES: 75 g/m² and 90 g/m² AVAILABLE IN: paper size A4, A3, letter, government legal and folio 9 (reams of 500 sheets)

Our uncoated papers are ideal for holding great stories. They can be applied to books, notebooks, diaries, folders and light packaging.

  • Pólen Bold®
  • Pólen Soft®
  • Prisma Bright® Laser
  • Prisma Bright®
  • Reciclato®
  • Paperfect Laser®
  • Paperfect®

The paper that understands the pleasure of reading. Its distinctive hue reflects less light, making for a much more comfortable reading experience. It is an avid reader s favorite. The Pólen Bold version has high bulk, so it enables an increase in the volume of the book without increasing the number of pages. It has a unique and more consistent texture, with a greater sense of roughness. A rustic and yet noble touch.

GRAMMAGES: 70 g/m² and 90 g/m² AVAILABLE IN: reels, reams, and skids

A base of inspiration and creativity, our line of coated papers is suitable for graphic projects such as folders, catalogs, magazines, and books.

  • Press Matte Couché Suzano
  • Press Matte Couché Suzano®
  • Fit Silk Couché Suzano®
  • Press Gloss Couché Suzano®
  • Fit Gloss Couché Suzano®
  • Design Gloss Couché Suzano®

Option for heavyweight paper with guaranteed excellence in printing.

  GRAMMAGES: 250 g/m² and 300 g/m²  

With a wide variety of applications, the Paperboard product line is ideal for packaging; cleaning, hygiene, beauty, cosmetics, medical, food, and others, and can be used in book covers and promotional materials.

  • TP White® Pharma Plus
  • Super 6 Plus®
  • TP White® Plus
  • Supremo Duo Design®
  • Supremo Alta Alvura®

Part of the TP White® family, Pharma Plus is the triplex paperboard developed exclusively for packaging for the pharmaceutical market. In addition to its high stiffness and excellent presentation, this paperboard stands out for its uniformity, which ensures better machinability performance on automatic filling lines, widely used in this segment.

GRAMMAGES: 225 g/m², 240 g/m², 262 g/m², 275 g/m², 285 g/m², 310 g/m², 330 g/m² and 350 g/m²  

Looking ahead, our line of specialty papers opens the doors to new possibilities. They are made from a renewable resource and are used to make more sustainable disposable cups and straws.

  • Loop +
  • Loop
  • Bluecup Bio®
  • Bluecup®

From the same product line, the Loop + version receives a sustainable barrier that offers usage for up to 8 hours which provides greater resistance when using with alcoholic beverages, milkshakes, and soft drinks.

GRAMMAGES: 74 g/m² and 125 g/m² AVAILABLE IN: reels

Where to buy?

For Report, access Subscribe to Report;for other brands, contact our sales center.

Suzano’s special paper
for straws

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