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Pulp is the main component of the cell wall, which gives plants rigidity and firmness. The interweaving of its fibers is what originates several of our products.

Our pulp is a raw material from renewable and sustainable sources applied in various everyday materials, such as printing and writing paper, packaging, books and magazines, toilet paper and even specialty papers such as credit card receipts, decorative papers and more.

It is marketed in more than 80 countries and spread around the world through our brands and many others.

End to end of the production chain

Suzano is committed to sustainable development and seeks continuous improvement of processes and products, meeting the needs and expectations of its customers.

Get to know
Eucafluff ®

Eucafluff® is an innovative and sustainable solution that, when applied to absorbent hygiene products, provides more comfort and well-being to consumers, thanks to the unique characteristics of eucalyptus fluff pulp.

It has high liquid absorption, retention power, flexibility, and thinness that helps the industry produce softer and more discreet absorbent pads that reduce packaging consumption and logistics resources.

Eucafluff® can be found in adult and baby diapers, sanitary pads, pet mats, hospital supplies, and more. 

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