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Our research and new business development are related to one goal: to produce sustainable solutions for the world. We believe in eucalyptus to be the basis for this goal and that our plantations can generate renewable raw materials for several other businesses. Due to this, we adopted our biostrategy: we study solutions that involve pulp and other materials originating from eucalyptus, which have numerous application possibilities.

Our lines of research

Today, we research the development, application, production scalability, and marketing of these materials:

Microfibrillated Cellulose

Used in the production of paper, paints, cosmetics and fabrics

Nanocrystalline Cellulose

Application in oil and gas, adhesives, paints and cosmetics

Water soluble cellulose
and sugars

Used in the production of textile yarn and in the chemical industry in general, respectively


Application in various industries such as automotive, packaging and consumer goods


Heating oil and bio-oil

new businesses

Check out some of our new businesses that are already operating:

We have created a lignin-based product line—a material found in wood that is responsible for supporting and protecting our trees—to serve the resin, rubber antioxidant and thermoplastic markets. Learn more about ECOLIG®.

We even entered the textile industry. We have an equity stake of Spinnova, a Finnish company that develops environmentally sustainable technologies for the production of fabrics using wood fibers.

Nanocrystalline Cellulose (CNC), or nanocellulose, is a tough, lightweight and transparent material obtained from wood fibers. We have a stake in the Canadian company Celluforce, a global leader in the commercial production of this biodegradable material, which can be used in industrial, electronic, and even cosmetics applications.

We have already taken some steps toward providing an alternative to fossil fuels. It's the bio-oil, made from eucalyptus biomass (organic matter). We have a stake in the American company Ensyn Corporation, which invests in the production of fuels from a renewable matrix.

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