We know that each individual has their unique characteristics. The sum of all of them makes us plural. Suzano has diversity and inclusion as the driving factors to become an increasingly better company that seeks to evolve constantly on the issue.

Since we occupy a vast territory in such a diverse country, we recognize the importance of reflecting in our team the plurality of our society, which is expressed in: gender identities, ethnicities and races, age groups, sexual orientations, nationalities, beliefs, as well as physical and intellectual disabilities, among others. 

We believe that it’s only good for us if it’s good for the world and that valuing diversity and promoting inclusion means having a respectful and ethical work environment that ensures that each one of us can be fully who we are and develop our full potential. We also believe that each person is a world of possibilities and a more diverse team expands the company’s capacity to understand and respond to the demands of the market and society. 

And to stimulate awareness of the topic across the organization, we have Plural, an organic movement of people interested in promoting diversity and inclusion, whose actions are implemented through five affinity groups in the company:

strengthens us!

Women (gender inclusion)

LGBTI+ (inclusion of LGBTI+ people)

Blacks (ethnic and racial inclusion)

Generations (inclusion and synergy among different age groups)

PWD (inclusion of persons with disabilities)

Ananda Sa Dias

Gerente de Operações Comerciais

“Me orgulho muito em falar sobre o movimento de Diversidade na Suzano, pois estive presente desde as primeiras discussões e pude acompanhar o crescimento que este tema vem tendo ao longo dos anos. Me brilha os olhos ver a empresa unida em prol de discussões de inclusão e equidade, buscando tornar a Suzano uma empresa com mais oportunidades para todos.”



In 2019, we signed four public commitments that are aligned with
both our long-term goals and our organizational values:

We are signatories to this corporate movement, whose mission is to improve our management practices, combat LGBTQIA+ phobia and work together with other companies to positively impact the business environment and society.

The purpose is to empower women and promote gender equality. The Principles are a set of considerations that help the business community to incorporate in its businesses, values and practices designed to ensure gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Movement consisting of companies and institutions to promote racial inclusion. The purpose is to strive for ethnic and racial equality and focus on career development and promotion, besides grooming blacks for senior leadership positions.

Movement launched by the Global Compact Network Brazil to increase the number of women in top leadership positions (senior managers and above). In it, we committed ourselves to a target of 30% of women in senior leadership positions by 2025. 

Our long-term


For us, addressing diversity and inclusion is not just an obligation; it’s a business strategy.
As such, we are committed to the following targets:

30% of women

in leadership positions by 2025

30% of blacks

in leadership positions by 2025


100% accessibility and inclusive working environments

and zero prejudice observed or experienced by persons with disabilities by 2025.

100% inclusive environment and zero prejudice

observed or experienced by LGBTI+ people by 2025

Inclusive benefits

for employees

Marriage leave for same-sex couples

Maternity leave

Day care assistance for same-sex couples

Diversity Booklet

We have prepared a diversity booklet to raise awareness among our employees and society about valuing diversity and inclusion, and the importance of respecting people in any situation. Respecting diversity means respecting people and everything that makes them unique and enable them to be who they are wherever they are. 

To ensure that the issue is given priority in our company, we have also defined that “diversity and inclusion” is one of the attributes of a Suzano leader, that is, it’s what we expect from those working with us and it’s based on it that we recognize the impact of people here.



We also have a diversity policy that sets forth the guidelines related to the Plural movement and the issue in Suzano:


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