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2019 was one of the most emblematic periods in Suzano’s history. We established some fundamental lines in this period and worked on them: capturing synergies, integrating processes and systems and, last, but not least important, disseminating our Culture Drivers and communicating our strategic vision, which help us build the future we want for ourselves and for the world.

Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano

Photo: Sérgio Zacchi

See the message from the CEO about the first year of the new Suzano. Learn about the company’s main highlights in 2019 and its long-term business vision.

Suzano today and tomorrow

What are the possible new products from eucalyptus plantations? How can we contribute to a low-carbon economy from our biomass, which is the most competitive on the planet? What are the main challenges and difficulties we are facing in these processes? The answers to these and other questions are grounded in the concept of innovability, which aligns two determining visions for the success of the company: innovation and sustainability. The increasing incorporation of this concept is intended to yield positive impacts for the business and for society at large, which increasingly demands sustainable solutions in the use of fibers, fuels and energy.

See our lines of research, among other relevant matters, by accessing our Report.

Carlos Eduardo Scardua, Almir Rogerio da Silva and Rodolfo Araújo Loos, Forest Ecophysiology. Aracruz Unit (Espírito Santo state).
Photo: Márcio Schimming


Did you know that Suzano wants to offer, by 2030,

10 million

tons of products

from renewable sources that can replace plastic and petroleum derivatives?

And that, in this same period, it is working to lift nearly

200,000 people

over the poverty threshold in its areas of influence?

These and other goals, such as being even more climate positive by removing addionally

40 million

tons of carbon

from the atmosphere, were set by the company for this period that is being called the Decade of Action (from 2020 to 2030) by the UN.

Learn about the company’s long-term goals and its sustainability strategy

Transparency in data

More than 250 indicators, 400 tables and charts. This is a sample of what you will find in the Indicators Center: a platform designed to offer readers quantitative and qualitative data on the company’s operations and impacts, all with a great deal of transparency.

In it, you will see the set of GRI disclosures and other relevant corporate indicators for the company. You will also understand the correlation of this information with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), an initiative formally supported by Suzano.

Thamires Silva, intern in Organizational Development (HR), and Amanda Cordeiro, intern in Communication. Headquarters. Photo: Fotocontexto

Suzano Infographic 2019

Key information to understand the company and its way of operating, the highlights in 2019, its long-term vision, sustainability strategy and long-term goals can be found in Suzano Infographic 2019. The material is intended for the company’s different stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, communities, government, investors, and others.

All this shown in a concise and educational manner, giving readers an overview of the company’s first year.

From left to right: Willians Silva Rodrigues; Layane Bonfim dos Santos, Ana Célia Araújo da Silva, Jeysly Bandeira de Oliveira, Gina Kercia de Sousa Pimentel, Jessyca Cleanne da Mata Araujo, and Izabela Lobato de Souza, Occupational Safety. Imperatriz Unit (Maranhão state). Photo: Márcio Schimming

Forest mosaic in Mucuri (Bahia state). Photo: Ricardo Teles