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Our environmental strategy is to work to control and mitigate the negative impacts of our business and to enhance the positive ones, from start to finish: in the field, in the industry, and in our partners' processes.

You already know that we plant trees and harvest them to produce a variety of bioproducts that are present in people's daily lives. What you may not know is that we also plant and preserve native trees in over 35% of our areas, preserving biodiversity, soil, and rivers.

Our plantations and preservation areas are a valuable asset for both the company and the world: they capture and store over 270 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change and protect environmental services that are important to society, such as water resources and pollination.

Learn about some of our initiatives:

Plantation Management
Forest Preservation and Restoration
Mucuri Springs
Industrial Eco-Efficiency


Eucalyptus trees are planted in mosaics, in other words, we intersperse planted areas with areas of native forests and this protects rivers, lakes, and floodplains, connecting Brazilian wildlife and plant populations through environmental corridors. In addition, we use advanced planting and harvesting technologies and perform biological pest control. We have productive trees that are adaptable to each region through genetic improvements.

Our management involves:

. Zero deforestation

. Soil and water preservation

. Vegetation restoration in affected areas

. Integrated pest management and optimized application of fertilizers

. Use of industrial process by-products to fertilize the soil

Forest Preservation
and Restoration

All preservation areas and the restoration processes of native areas contribute to maintaining a sustainable landscape, including the preservation of springs and biodiversity and the sequestration of carbon.

What we do:

. We planted 1 native tree every 2 minutes in the last year.
. Over 30,000 hectares have been under a restoration process since 2012.
. We preserve over 900,000 hectares of native areas in the Amazon, Cerrado and Atlantic Rainforest biomes.
. We monitor the biodiversity in our areas with over 2,700 records of plant, bird and mammalian species, including new species and other endangered species.

Mucuri Springs

This project developed in partnership with local communities, businesses, NGOs, and government agencies to preserve the Mucuri River basin in Bahia. Seeking the perpetuity of the river and the thousands of living beings dependent on the river there, we work on the fronts relating to agricultural production, income generation, forest restoration, education and people engagement, as well as public policies.

What we have done so far:

. Recovering more than 500 springs

. About 50,000 seedlings planted

. 1,288 properties visited

Industrial Eco-Efficiency

In industrial processes, our commitment is to rethink, reduce, reuse, and recycle throughout our operations

We act on some fronts:

. We invest in technology for the efficient use of water in our processes, including reuse and a Water Treatment Plant at the Mucuri Unit.

. We ensure the proper disposal of all waste, and look for ways to reduce, reuse and transform this waste into energy, organic fertilizers and other resources.

. We generate nearly all the energy consumed in our production, and surplus energy is traded as renewable energy capable of supplying a city with a population of 1.4 million people.

. We work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all our processes and inventory all emissions for our entire operation.

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