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Suzano Consumer Goods launches its toilet paper brand Mimmo

With the slogan “Care that yields more,” the brand offers high quality and an exclusive “cut here” system that suggests usage to avoid waste

Suzano Consumer Goods, one of our business units, has launched the toilet paper brand Mimmo. With superior quality and unique design, Mimmo was developed to surpass the expectations of Brazilian consumers and show that higher quality also bring advantages in terms of yield and cost-benefit trade-off. Mimmo is softer, plush and yields more than the one-ply toilet papers available on the market.

Mimmo’s higher yield is due to its use of quality raw materials and high technology applied to the production process, which ensures excellent softness and absorption. The brand’s advantages include the exclusive “cut here” smart perforation, which indicates the ideal amount to use, and easy-start rolls that avoid waste. The new brand will be represented by a teddy bear designed exclusively to serve as its mascot. This choice communicates the care and affection that Mimmo brand brings to consumers’ daily lives, while conveying a sense of comfort, hygiene, lightness and softness. The Mimmo teddy bear will be featured on the packaging and sheets and in advertising campaigns.

Mimmo products are being produced at the Mucuri Unit in Bahia and at the Imperatriz Unit in Maranhão, the latter inaugurated in the second half of 2017. “Suzano is responsible for the entire process, from planting the eucalyptus trees to making each roll of Mimmo. This vertically-oriented production also imparts greater agility and facilitates quality control in all phases,” explained Fabio Prado, Executive Officer of Suzano Consumer Goods.

“The Mimmo brand will target Brazil’s Northeast, a region with high consumption of one-ply toilet paper, so we are introducing a two-ply option that offers advantages in terms of yield and cost-benefit trade-off,” affirmed Prado.

Aligned with its business strategy, Suzano’s entry into the tissue paper market required investment of R$540 million in the construction of own plants. We also acquired Facepa and became Brazil’s third-largest toilet paper manufacturer, with installed capacity of 170,000 tons considering the Mucuri, Imperatriz, Fortaleza and Belém units.

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