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Suzano signs UN Women’s Empowerment Principles agreement

Company formalizes its support for the seven principles established by  

UN Women and Global Compact 

Suzano, a global reference in bioproducts derived from the cultivation of eucalyptus, formalized last Friday (14), in a virtual ceremony, its adherence to the Women’s Empowerment Principles, an initiative of UN Women, an organization that promotes gender equality in the business world, and of the Global Compact, a corporate citizenship initiative associated with the United Nations (UN).  

By signing the principles, Suzano publicly commits to programs and actions to foster gender equality in its workplace and the communities where it operates.The company already had adhered to the principles in 2019. 

The company is part of the global movement composed of over 3,000 companies across the world to exchange experiences on best practices in gender equality in the business world. The agreement is based on seven principles, which includes promoting education, training and professional development for women to explore their potential. Suzano believes that empowering girls and women with knowledge is the first step towards the construction of a fairer and more equal society. 

Ensuring equal opportunities for women has been Suzano’s responsibility since it established its long-term goals, which were announced at the start of the year. The company’s goal is to have 30% of leadership positions occupied by women and 30% by black professionals by 2025.In addition, the company is part of the Equity Is Priority Program, through which it undertakes a commitment to have 30% of senior leadership positions held by women in the next five years. 

The UN Women’s Empowerment commitment was reinforced by the CEO of the company, Walter Schalka, at the formalization ceremony during the “Suzano & You” event, an on-line webcast held quarterly for all employees of the company. “It is our duty as a corporation to promote the importance of gender equality for building a sustainable and fair society. Each step we take in this direction advances us further in our search for best practices for fostering inclusion and equality. We are on this journey of transformation and becoming a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles is aligned with our corporate principles at Suzano,” Schalka said.  

To learn more about the Women’s Empowerment Principles, please visit:  http://www.onumulheres.org.br/referencias/principios-de-empoderamento-das-mulheres/

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