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We are one of the largest publicly held companies in Brazil, operating in several countries.


We are therefore subject to compliance with principles and rules of business conduct related to corporate responsibility, equity, transparency and accountability toward our various stakeholders. Our governance structure is available on the Investor Relations.

Publicly Held

Suzano is a publicly held company, with shares listed on B3 S.A.'s Novo Mercado - Bolsa, Brasil e Balcão (ticker: SUZB3) and on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker: SUZ). We are subject to the regulations of the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) and of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). Suzano's total capital is represented by 1,361 million shares, of which around 46% are outstanding (free float).

Anti-Corruption Practices

We value a healthy relationship with the Government and compliance with legislation and with the provisions of regulatory agencies. We respect national and international anti-corruption laws and act in favor of best corporate practices. We do not condone, under any circumstances, the exchange of favors involving public officials or anyone for the purpose of influencing decisions that affect the company's business or imply personal gain.

Code of Conduct

The document is a tool that guides our daily actions and decisions, ensuring that our activities are in line with the ethical behavior and with the respect we show in our relationships with our various audiences.

Ombudsman's Office

It is a confidential channel for whistleblowing and reports related to Suzano's Code of Conduct.


You may also view other policies and documents that address our principles of integrity, transparency and reliability in business and relationships.

Investor Relations

All financial and governance information can be found on the IR portal.

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