Imagine a future of

The gradual replacement of fossil-based materials with bio-based materials, many of them derived from Suzano's sustainable forests!

Transport that generates less pollution

Several products that are currently being studied to replace fossil materials will be produced on a global scale.

I envision vehicles powered by fuels from renewable sources such as eucalyptus.

A worry-free world where we'll no longer generate waste and use recyclables.

We will be globally recognized for delivering renewable products.

Maria Teresa
A leading role in the development of sustainable products through innovation projects.

We must give sustainability the same importance that we give to security and education.

Greater capacity to create in areas that today are not included on the radar of major innovations.

Integration of innovation and technology to generate creative ideas to overcome challenges.

New sustainable products for the fashion industry.

Clean energy for product manufacturing.

José Aparecido
Zero-pollution cars.

More sustainable diapers and pads.

A new model of disposable products.

New models of paper packaging.

Clothes made of eucalyptus fibers.


How do you imagine the future of bioproducts in the world?


We are the sum of


of viewpoints.

Equal and different. Singular and plural. What unites us is the belief that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. This union gives rise to a concept: innovability. Guided by this concept, we think outside the box and look beyond to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

We plant and grow trees to transform this renewable raw material into more sustainable alternatives for your everyday life.

Innovation, technology and


We work to transform the way we produce things. With new products, we offer new applications that can replace fossil materials in our everyday lives.

How many bioproducts can be made from a planted tree? Through research, technology, and thinking outside the box, we learned that the possibilities for a more sustainable future are endless.

Lignin, bio-oil and nanocellulose. You probably haven't heard of these names, but these and other products made from renewable sources can be used in items of your day-to-day life: furniture, cosmetics and cars. The difference is that they are made through more efficient processes and have a more sustainable cycle.

To improve what we already do and seek new paths, we always ask ourselves: Are we meeting our customers' needs for a better world? To this end, we have in place an innovation ecosystem.

Our Production Chain
Learn how our
products are made


Where it
all begins
Eucalyptus consumes water and carbon dioxide, performs photosynthesis and releases back water and oxygen into the atmosphere. We plant, grow and harvest eucalyptus with great care. And, in order to leverage its full potential, we adopt Sustainable Management practices.


Time to
Once at the mill, wood logs are chopped into small pieces. In the digester, wood, in contact with steam and chemicals, is processed and turned into pulp and lignin.


We can tailor pulp to meet our customers' needs and enable new uses, and we are constantly studying ways to create new consumer solutions and contribute to a more sustainable life.


Transport and
Our products can be found throughout Brazil and are exported to more than 80 countries! We transport our products by land and water. In this process, we work to make logistics as sustainable as possible.


Where everything
is renewed
Our entire chain reaches the lives of over 2 billion people worldwide, including yours! For this reason, we take very seriously the challenge of offering biodegradable and recyclable solutions through more sustainable processes.
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in our processes?
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In our chain

We operate throughout our chain to ensure efficiency of resources, reduction of waste and environmental impacts—from eucalyptus seedlings to the end product. But we go beyond: we seek dialog and a sustainability vision in the relationship with our employees and customers, partnership with suppliers, and financial processes.


We invested in the preservation of more than 900,000 hectares of native forest.

We conducted one of the largest restoration programs in Brazil. Our environmental initiatives contribute toward climate regulation, preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems, and protection of soils, rivers and their springs.

People are our motivation, and we want to help develop them inside and outside the company.

In people

We respect the diversity of our employees and work to make them protagonists of their professional goals. Our projects with neighboring communities focus on generating income and improving education, providing people with empowerment, quality of life and financial independence. We seek healthy relationships and open dialog with the communities where we operate, with NGOs, social movements, public authorities, and other companies.

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