Suzano in Maranhão

We have been in the town of Imperatriz, Maranhão, since 2011, when we started construction of our pulp plant. Our arrival in the region contributed to a 71% increase in Imperatriz’s gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, making the town the second largest exporter in the state.

Our operation in Maranhão, which also includes Suzano’s operations in Pará and Tocantins, has

1 plant in Imperatriz

with a production capacity of 1.7 million tonnes of pulp and 60,000 tonnes of tissue per year

247,000 hectares

of eucalyptus farms

311,000 hectares

of conservation areas

10,000 hectares

of farms dedicated to Forestry Support, a program that encourages partnerships between companies in the forestry sector and small and medium-sized rural producers

32,000 hectares

set aside for future eucalyptus farms and infrastructure areas  

Environmental Care in the Region

In Maranhão, Pará and Tocantins, we dedicate around 311,000 hectares to environmental conservation. Of this total, approximately 53,000 hectares are protected as High Conservation Value Areas (HCVA), which are areas with exceptional or critical attributes for the environment and society.

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species of fauna and flora have already been recorded in Maranhão through the Biodiversity Monitoring Program


registered species under some degree of threat, such as the golden parakeet (Guaruba guarouba)


hectares of fragments of native vegetation in Maranhão and Pará will be connected through an ecological corridor by 2030, joining together native forests and conserving biodiversity


people gained awareness of environmental issues through the Floresta Viva (“Live Forest”) program, which includes lectures in schools, visits to communities and institutional campaigns

Our Social Performance

We invest in and drive social development in Maranhão, Pará and Tocantins. In 2022, we worked with 86 communities in 30 towns in these states. Check out other results from 2022


people benefited from our social programs and initiatives


people lifted out of poverty through our social programs

$ 3.4

million invested in social projects


schools benefitted from the Suzano Education Program


people benefitted from the Suzano Education Program


educators participated in the Suzano Education Program

Social Projects Supported in Maranhão

We have social development projects across Brazil. Check out some of our local initiatives.

Biodiversity Corridors

Maranhão and Pará

Suzano and Sofidel, an Italian company leader in tissue paper production, have joined together in the initiative “Together, we plant the future: developing biodiversity corridors for a more sustainable future”, a three-year pilot project that will promote ecological conservation and restoration, and socioeconomic development in the Amazon region in Brazil.

In addition to the two companies, the Brazilian Institute for Development and Sustainability and Amazônia Onlus, an Italian non-profit organization that fights to defend the forest and the Amazon population, are also part the initiative and responsible for supporting and implementing the strategies.

Investments made by Sofidel will enable the expansion of sustainable business models that can be adopted by communities within the Amazon biome, helping increase food security and improve the nutrition of these populations. In its first phase, the initiative will help lift approximately 1,400 families out of poverty through income generation projects, which include activities to increase agriculture productivity and support beekeeping, sustainable cultivation and the sale of native species, such as açaí and babassu.

The project will also help connect areas of native vegetation in the Amazon, forming an ecological corridor of more than 2,000 km² between the states of Maranhão and Pará, restoring the native forest and fostering the creation of sustainable production models. Watch the project video to learn more.

Watch the project video

Suzano and FUNBIO Partnership


Since 2022, Suzano and the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (FUNBIO) have had a partnership to support sustainable harvesting by strengthening the management, production and sale of forest-based products made by communities in Maranhão.

The initiative includes investments of more than R$4 million to finance initiatives that will be carried out by the NGO Agência de Desenvolvimento Existência Amazônia in the Amazon and its transition zone with the Cerrado. The project, which is expected to run through December 2024, will include activities related to the harvesting, processing and commercialization of açaí, babassu, buriti and cajá, and products made with these fruits. Approximately 1,700 people will directly benefit from the initiative, which will include 12 organizations, one per participating community in the towns of Buritirana , Cidelândia, Davinópolis, Imperatriz and João Lisboa.

Pindowa Project

Imperatriz - MA

Pindowa is a project to support the organization of the production activities of babassu coconut breakers in Maranhão and Tocantins. It includes around 300 families and counts on our support for the preservation of traditional culture and for fostering sustainable management practices and production diversification.

Currently, the group produces items such as vegetable oil, olive oil, flour, cookies, sweets, soaps, baskets, keychains, cup holders and ecological bags—all made from sustainably harvested babassu palm trees and coconuts. Watch the project video to learn more.

Watch the project video

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