Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion is a responsibility of society as a whole, including companies. The topic is so important to us that it is part of one of our Culture Drivers, which holds that cultivating diversity makes us stronger. We believe that diversity of ideas and experiences is essential to making the planet a better place, which is why we work internally and externally to promote this concept. Learn more on the People and Culture page.

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Among our long-term goals, known as our Commitments to Renewing Life, we have targets directly related to diversity. By 2025, we are committed to:

Having 30% of leadership positions (functional managers and above) occupied by women

Having 30% of leadership positions (functional managers and above) occupied by Black people

Ensuring 100% accessibility for people with disabilities

Ensuring a 100% inclusive environment for people with disabilities

Ensuring a 100% inclusive environment for LGBTQIAP+ people

For detailed information about these targets, visit the Sustainability Indicators page.

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We have different initiatives to encourage diversity, equity and inclusion. Check out some of them.


In 2016, a group made up of individuals from different Suzano teams organically engaged with the topic of diversity. This is how Plural was born. Supported by the company’s leadership, the initiative works in five diversity-related areas, or affinity groups: generations, LGBTQIAP+, women, Black people and people with disabilities.

Developmental Initiatives

We have awareness and educational activities to prepare leaders who are more inclusive and help our entire team recognize and avoid unconscious biases.

Women on Board

In 2022, our company’s Board of Directors included three women, representing 33.3% of the nine seats of the body that creates and directs our business strategy. Because of this composition, we received the Women on Board (WOB) certification, which recognizes companies that promote diversity in the corporate environment through the participation of women on their Boards of Directors or Advisory Boards.

Empreendedorismo feminino

Fazemos parte do WE Ventures, fundo que apoia startups lideradas por mulheres, em parceria com Microsoft, Sebrae, M8 Partners e Bertha Capital. O incentivo ao empreendedorismo feminino ocorre por meio de cursos de capacitação e investimentos em empresas abertas por mulheres. Somos a primeira companhia do setor de papel e celulose a fazer parte da iniciativa e vamos investir até 
5 milhões de reais no projeto.

Contribuindo para o Futuro

No programa voluntário Contribuindo para o Futuro, feito em parceria com o Instituto Joule, trainees da Suzano mentoram e preparam para o mercado de trabalho estudantes de ensino universitário que fazem parte dos grupos de pessoas negras, com deficiência e LGBTQIAP+.

Public Commitments

We participate in several initiatives in support of diversity. Check out some of them.

Fórum de Empresas e Direitos LGBTI+  (“Business and LGBTI+ Rights Forum”)

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Iniciativa Empresarial pela Igualdade Racial (“Business Initiative for Racial Equality”)

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Movimento Mulher 360º (“360º Woman Movement”)

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Pacto pela Promoção da Equidade Racial (“Pact for the Promotion of Racial Equity”)

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Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) – UN Women

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Rede Empresarial de Inclusão Social (“Social Inclusion Business Network”)

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Rede Mulher Florestal (“Forestry Woman Network”)

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Target Gender Equality

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