Nice to Meet You, we are Suzano

Every day, we work to plant a better future for people and the planet. We do this by creating sustainable products made from eucalyptus that we plant and harvest ourselves.

Journey Through the Bioeconomy

Our products from renewable sources are the starting point of our journey through the bioeconomy. Through them, we seek to help solve society’s major challenges, such as the urgency to tackle the climate crisis. In addition, our solutions can replace fossil-based materials that we use in our everyday lives, from fuels to the fabrics our clothes are made of. Learn more about our company on the About Us page.

People Who Inspire and Transform

We are a team of more than 40,000 people, including our own employees and contractors who, together, form the heart of Suzano. Each one is an important part of the future we plant every day, working in line with our culture of collaboration, respect and innovation. Learn more about our way of working in People and Culture.

Choices Can Change the World

As individuals, our choices determine the paths we follow and the future we dream of creating. When it comes to companies, it is no different. At Suzano, our choices are inspired by what has always surrounded us: trees. Watch this video to learn more.

A Century-old Company With the Energy of a Startup

In our 100-year history, we have never lost focus on being a pioneer and on combining innovation with sustainability. Check out the key moments of our history and visit the page on the celebration of our 100th anniversary.

We Work With Ethics and Transparency

We follow principles and rules of conduct related to corporate responsibility, equity, transparency and accountability. Learn about our best practices on the Transparency page.

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