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Our products are developed from eucalyptus trees and are part of the lives of 2 billion people around the world. They are solutions from renewable sources that enable conscious consumption whle fulfilling the needs of people and companies without harming the environment.

We are always close to you, bringing you sustainable solutions: in the pages of your favorite book, in hygiene items for your family, in your child’s diapers, in paper straws and in the packaging you use every day.


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Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability in our processes. Therefore, we not only cultivate eucalyptus on land previously impacted by human activities but also work towards the restoration of degraded areas. Check out our environmental conservation initiatives on the Environment and Biodiversity page.


Sustainable Innovation

Through innovation in research and new technology in support of sustainability, we develop sustainable products and solutions made from our renewable source, eucalyptus. This is how we boost and nurture the bioeconomy. Learn more on the Innovation Strategy page.


Our Way of Working

Our careful approach and commitment to developing the products our customers require starts with the planting of each eucalyptus seedling and continues through to the proper disposal of waste. Find out more about our production stages on the Value Chain page and check out our certifications.

Business Lines

We operate in different segments, offering sustainable products and encouraging conscious consumption. We are always close to you.

Using eucalyptus that we plant and harvest ourselves, we manufacture pulp, fluff pulp, microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) and lignin. Learn more on the Raw Material page.

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We make A4 paper, paper for books, paper for medicine boxes and other packaging, as well as paper for bags, straws and cups. Learn more on the Paper and Packaging page.

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Hygiene and cleaning products, including toilet paper, paper towel, paper napkins, diapers and wipes.

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Regenerative Business

Preventing the depletion of the planet’s natural resources is key to ensuring our future. Our regenerative business model takes this reality into consideration. Learn more on the Sustainability Strategy page.

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