Call for Proposals

Throughout the year, we are open to receiving and analyzing social initiatives and projects in the area of income generation seeking investment and support. Check out the requirements for submitting a project.

Who can submit a project?

Important: All institutions must have been operating for at least six months, comply with Brazilian laws and regulations and have an active CNPJ (Brazilian legal entity registration number).

Civil society organizations

Private non-profit organizations such as private foundations, institutes, associations and social cooperatives. We do not accept projects from religious and political organizations.


Groups formed by individuals working in agricultural production, services, collection of recyclable material, and others.

What is expected from the initiatives?

We seek structuring projects that can help increase the income of people living under the poverty line and that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically related to ending poverty. The initiatives must be submitted by organizations with experience and technical know-how in the development of productive inclusion projects and in-depth knowledge of the areas where they intend to operate.

In what areas should the projects focus?

Sustainable harvesting



Agriculture and livestock supply networks

Job creation

Suzano’s value chain

What criteria must the initiatives meet?

The scope of the projects must be directly related to the commitment to reducing poverty, fostering employment and helping participants generate income.

The initiatives must be implemented in areas where Suzano has activities, that is, in locations where we operate.

Projects must last from six months to three years.

Check out the cities in which we operate on Prosa's website

What are the criteria used to evaluate the projects?


Coherence between the organization’s mission and experience with the proposal; the institution’s power to engage with other stakeholders and the target beneficiaries; ongoing projects with demonstrated results.

Institutional technical capacity

Technical capacity of the team to plan and execute the proposal; financial and institutional sustainability of the participating organization.

Potential impacts and results

Potential for social transformation and number of people expected to be lifted out of poverty; expected and measured results; potential to grow and benefit more people.

Correlation between the target and the investment

Direct comparison between the requested resources with the project’s quantitative targets; existence of counterparts or joint investments.

What groups of people should benefit from these projects

People living under the poverty line: our reference is the international poverty line of R$486 of household income per capita per month set by the World Bank and ratified by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).


People between 15 and 29 years of age

Traditional peoples and communities

Black people

People living in areas considered to be highly socially vulnerable, such as city outskirts, favelas and rural environments

People with low education or family members of public-school children

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Regional Efforts

Learn about our initiatives and new projects to develop the communities where we operate on the Neighboring Communities page.

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