Suzano Eucafluff ®

our eucalyptus fluff pulp

We combine innovation with sustainability in the pursuit of different pulp solutions and applications, to help us find sustainable alternatives to products already available on the market. This idea is behind the development of Suzano Eucafluff®, the world’s first eucalyptus fluff pulp, which offers environmental benefits to the planet and more comfort for those who use it.

1st eucalyptus fluff in the world

Suzano Eucafluff® Applications

Suzano Eucafluff® is recommended for use in disposable absorbent products because eucalyptus fibers are smaller, thinner and more flexible, enabling the

production of softer and more discreet absorbent panels. Short eucalyptus fibers also retain absorbed liquids better, thereby ensuring that skin stays dry for much longer.

Suzano Eucafluff® is part of products we use at different moments of our lives, such as:

Children’s diapers
Menstrual pads
Absorbent mats for pets
Products for adult incontinence
Hospital supplies


More softness and flexibility: thinner, more discreet and comfortable products

Improvement in rewet rates: dry skin for longer

Greater compaction: lower costs for industries

Sustainability First

Suzano Eucafluff® follows the best international standards, demonstrating our commitment to end-to-end sustainable development while offering the hygiene industry a raw material with a low environmental impact.

Thanks to the high technology used in our eucalyptus farms, we can currently produce more fluff in less time, consuming fewer natural resources and reducing our environmental impact throughout the entire production chain. On the Sustainability page, you can learn about our initiatives to create a cleaner, more renewable and fairer world.

Environmental management

We implement best practices in farming and management in our eucalyptus farms and throughout our production process. Check out our policies, certifications and careful approach across the value chain.

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