Suzano Ecolig®

our lignin

Lignin is an important component of trees, associated with their protection. But it is more than that. Suzano Ecolig®, our lignin, is an alternative to replace fossil-based materials, combining high performance with antioxidant potential, absorption of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and binding properties.

Suzano Ecolig® Applications

Suzano Ecolig® has several applications, and we are continuously expanding its uses. Check out some examples:

Rubber items
Animal feed
Carbon materials
Agricultural dispersants
Construction products



We are experts in creating products from eucalyptus. Our experience means that we can bring solutions to the market with excellence, both in terms of quality and performance

Pioneering solution

Suzano Ecolig® has renewable content and unique characteristics, due to its botanical origin


A co-product of our pulp production, Suzano Ecolig® does not need to occupy additional land and does not compete with food feedstock.

Environmental management

We implement best practices in farming and management in our eucalyptus farms and throughout our production process. Check out our policies, certifications and careful approach across the value chain.

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