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Our pulp is continuously evolving, in a sustainable and innovative manner, to address global challenges. A natural and renewable raw material produced from short eucalyptus fiber, it offers advantages to our business and to other companies.

To business customers, Suzano Biopulp delivers adaptability, innovation, experience, excellence, and a careful and committed focus on the demand for more conscious consumption. To consumers, it provides more sustainable choices and, consequently, a better future for people and our planet. To learn more about the product, visit the Suzano Biopulp website.

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Advantages of Eucalyptus Pulp

Better printing results
High opacity
Better formation
Smoother surface for laminated and coated papers
High volume and rigidity for packaging product
Competitive cost when compared to long fibers
Softness for premium quality tissue
More sustainable

Suzano Biopulp Applications

Toilet paper
Napkins and paper towels
Packaging paper
Paper for bags
Paper for printing and writing
Paper for straws
Filter paper
Specialty papers

Our Portfolio

Our innovation process, driven by the pursuit of sustainability, allows us to develop different versions of pulp to meet the needs and expectations of each customer.

In addition to bleached eucalyptus pulp, we have other products that are ideal for your business. Check out our portfolio:

The eucalyptus fiber that provides sustainable intelligence and ecoefficiency to your business and products.

The eucalyptus fiber produced without bleaching chemicals, conserving fibers providing high compression, printability, and sustainability to your packaging applications.

The ideal eucalyptus fiber for filtration media and porosity aspects features.

The eucalyptus fiber that delivers resistance, high tensile and superior physical properties to your products.

The eucalyptus pulp that offers remarkable cleanliness levels to your specialty papers.

The eucalyptus fiber with natural color that takes a sustainable identity to your products.

Biopulp Services

Combining our deep knowledge of the production process with years of established relationships in this sector, we developed a unique service structure for Suzano Biopulp and are ready to co-create the solutions you need for your business.

Count on us for:

  • Biopulp Application Services: Our technical team is available to ensure the best use of eucalyptus fiber through application engineering solutions.
  • Biopulp Education: Our Fiber Education team is ready to offer support in several areas by training our customers in the different applications of eucalyptus pulp and inviting them to visit our sites.
  • Biopulp Development: Our team of experts is available to develop solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

To get in touch with us, visit the Suzano Biopulp website

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Strength and experience

With a history of 100 years, we have accumulated knowledge in how to plant, harvest, produce and deliver our products, and support our customers.

Supply chain

Our logistics network is the broadest in the industry and reflects our commitment to excellence not only with regard to our products, but also to service. Learn about our value chain.

Environmental Management

We implement best practices in farming and management in our eucalyptus farms and throughout our production process. Check out our policies, certifications and careful approach across the value chain.

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