Health and Safety

Our work in the areas of safety, health, quality of life and facilities management seeks to preserve life and create good physical and mental health conditions for all people who work with us, including both Suzano employees and workers from outsourced companies. We also want to ensure that the families of those who work with us, and society as a whole, take good care of their health.

Constant Care

For proper, safe and positive processes to happen naturally, we must create a sustainable movement that focuses on different areas and provides constant monitoring. This is why we invest in different approaches, from the digitalization of health and safety tools to engagement and quality of life projects.

Health and Safety Initiatives

Learn about our main initiatives to preserve health and improve the quality of life in the workplace.

Suzano Faz Bem (“Suzano Is Good For You”) App

All health, quality of life and human resources benefits are concentrated in one place, easily accessible to everyone. The app also includes guidance, training, meditation sessions and nutritional tips.

Juntos & Misturados (“Together & Mixed up”)

A program to refine and improve the comfort and quality of work environments, making information exchanges faster and professional relationships more personal. The initiative standardizes workstations, creates welcoming break areas and themed meeting rooms, and adapts spaces to make them accessible to everyone.

Faz Bem (“It’s Good For You”) Program

A program for employees and their legal dependents, Faz Bem (“It’s Good For You”) offers 24/7 services over the phone, free of charge, including legal, financial, nutritional and social advice, therapy sessions, fitness guidance and others.

Safety Committees

Our sites have formal safety committees and subcommittees that facilitate discussions and assessments and support the implementation of health and safety initiatives and the activities carried out by the Internal Accident Prevention Commission (CIPA, in Portuguese).

Behavior & Culture

We conduct safety training, events and campaigns, including the families of our team members. We implement initiatives that focus on preventive behavior and learning from past situations, to understand how results are achieved.

BomSenso (“Common Sense”)

The BomSenso (“Common Sense”) Program is a methodology based on the 5S program that happens in all plants. The initiative promotes routine management, reinforces the concept that everyone is responsible for safety, and manages metrics in this area.

Process Safety (or SEPRO, in Portuguese)

Through the integration of analyses, processes and procedures, Process Safety Management (SEPRO, in Portuguese) is another tool to promote a safety culture in our workplaces.

Health Management

Caring for the holistic health of our employees is essential. Therefore, we have a Health and Quality of Life team made up of medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionist, ergonomic experts and quality analysts, who are responsible for various health-related activities. A few examples include:

Management of medical leaves

Management of social security leaves

Administration of ergonomics and mental health surveys

Social assistance

Implementation of ergonomic improvements and adjustments

Vaccination campaigns

To learn more about our Health and Safety initiatives, visit the Sustainability Indicators page.

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