People and Culture

We are the sum of more than 40,000 world views. We work together for a common purpose: renewing life inspired by trees. We have the will and the skills to make it happen, and to create a better company and world every day. This all starts with our culture.


Who we are

How we do

People who inspire and transform

What we believe in:

Having courage and competence to make things happen
Cultivating diversity as a way of becoming stronger
Acting together and for the common good
Being moved by the potential to exceed expectations
Having a “strong-and-kind” dual nature

We generate and share value

What we believe in:

Thinking and acting big and globally
Evolving continuously and with agility
Innovating to advance
Achieving and sharing success considering all stakeholders

It is only good for us if it is good for the world

What we believe in:

Maintaining dialogue to better create
Leading the evolution of society
Acting in a sustainable way, always
Pursuing “admired profit”

We Are a Diverse Group of People

We believe that a diverse, ethical and respectful environment results in more creativity, innovation, efficiency and well-being at work. Therefore, we are on a journey to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, reflecting all the different aspects of society within our company.

To strengthen our efforts, we have a dedicated team, corporate goals and programs that encourage respect for differences. We also have Plural, an internal initiative created in 2016 by a group of people from different teams who promotes diversity, equity and inclusion organically.

Supported by Suzano’s leadership team, Plural aims to foster dialogue, embrace all individuals and leverage inclusion efforts. We do all this to ensure that, at Suzano, every person can truly be who they are and develop their full potential.

Inclusive benefits

Diversity is also reflected in our benefits. We offer:

  • Extended maternity and paternity leave to everyone who becomes a mother or father, whether by having a baby or adopting a child
  • Marriage leave for same-sex couples
  • Financial daycare support for mothers and same-sex couples

Respect for Human Rights

We not only respect all internationally recognized human rights in our operations and in our value chain, but are also committed to promoting them. Read Suzano’s Human Rights Policy and learn more.

Do you identify with our way of working and want to be part of our team?

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