Microfibrillated cellulose

Microfibrillated cellulose, or MFC, plays an important role in innovation in various segments, making it possible, in some cases, to replace fossil-based products. Our MFC, Suzano Biofiber, is produced from cellulose pulp from our eucalyptus farms.

Microfibrillated cellulose Applications

It can be used in different products, and many of them are part of our daily lives. Check out some examples:

Personal care
Different types of paper
Textile fiber

Our microfibrillated cellulose, MFC, is a product that combines innovation and sustainability:

100% renewable source

Produced through a purely mechanical process, without the use of chemicals that are harmful to health


An alternative to replace fossil-based compounds

MFC has a unique structure

Its performance attributes come from its high capacity for physical and chemical interaction, due to its large surface area and hydrogen bonds, respectively.

Reinforcing agent

stronger and lighter products

Retention agent

Barrier against grease and oxygen

Rheological modifier

greater particle capture and water retention

Barrier against grease and oxygen

increased protection and impermeability

MFC: Textile Market

Our sustainable innovation culture drives us to create new products and solutions that consider the future of our planet. Therefore, we partnered with a Finnish company in the Woodspin joint venture to explore the use of microfibrillated cellulose in the development of more sustainable fabrics. This resulted in the creation of SPINNOVA®, a textile fiber that does not use chemicals that are harmful to the environment, consumes less water and emits less carbon dioxide when compared to cotton. Visit the Woodspin website and learn more.

Environmental management

We implement best practices in farming and management in our eucalyptus farms and throughout our production process. Check out our policies, certifications and careful approach across the value chain.

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