Our responsibility to plant a more sustainable future takes shape in daily actions, which bring benefits to the environment and people.

Environment and Biodiversity

We have different initiatives to restore and conserve native forests, as well as concrete actions to care for Brazilian biodiversity. Learn more on the Environment and Biodiversity page.

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Biomas is an impact business created to restore and conserve 4 million hectares of native vegetation in Brazil. Learn more on the Biomas page.

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The Ecofuturo Institute supports research and environmental education, in addition to managing our Neblinas Park environmental reserve. Find out more on the Ecofuturo page.

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We have challenging goals and initiatives to address the climate emergency and we are continuously searching for low-carbon approaches and alternatives, such as replacing fossil-based energy sources with renewable ones. Learn more on the Climate page.

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We are committed to and work to advance the decarbonization of the economy and of our operations. Learn more on the Carbon page.

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We prioritize renewable energy sources and always look for ways to use our resources rationally. Check out our initiatives on the Energy page.

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We strive to conserve water and use it sustainably in our planting processes and plants. Find out more on the Water page.

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