Product Innovation

We are continuously developing renewable products to help the world move closer toward the bioeconomy. We do this by seeking inspiration from eucalyptus trees that are planted and harvested for this purpose. Check out some of our highlights.

Paper Packaging and Products

We invest in the development of new products from renewable sources to use paper in different applications. Discover some of our solutions and find more information on the Special Paper page.

  • Bluecup Bio®: Paper with a plastic-free coating, for cups and packaging that come into contact with food and drinks
  • Greenbag®: Paper for bags and envelopes made from our eucalyptus fiber, which provides strength without increasing weight
  • Loop: Paper with a plastic-free coating to make straws that provide a better sensory experience
  • Greenpack®: Paper with different barriers to produce flexible packaging, such as for toilet paper and menstrual pads

Sustainable Fabric

Our Eucafluff® is the world’s first eucalyptus fluff, a raw material from a renewable source and with a lower carbon footprint. Eucafluff® has been transforming the sanitary pads industry, providing more comfort and well-being to end consumers and helping companies reduce the environmental footprint of their products. Thanks to the high technology implemented on our eucalyptus farms, we are able to produce more fluff pulp in less time, consuming fewer natural resources and reducing our impact on the environment. Find out more on the Suzano Eucafluff® website.

Sustainable Fabric  

Microfibrillated cellulose (or MFC) is a cellulose pulp refined by intensive mechanical processes, through which the fibers are reduced to nano dimensions, allowing them to be used in a variety of sustainable applications.

One of the ways MFC is used is in the production of Spinnova® textile fiber, developed by Woodspin, a joint venture between Suzano and the Finnish company Spinnova. The manufacturing process of this recyclable and biodegradable fabric does not use plastic or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Not only that: its production emits 72% less carbon dioxide and consumes 99% less water than cotton. To find out more, visit the Woodspin website.


Along with pulp, lignin makes up the majority of tree wood. It is a renewable alternative to replace fossil materials in products such as rubber items, heat-resistant plastic and even makeup. To learn more, visit the Suzano Ecolig website.


Bio-oil, made from eucalyptus biomass, is a sustainable alternative to partially replace fossil products, such as fuels and chemical compounds. This substitution, which helps reduce carbon emissions, happens through the direct use of bio-oil as fuel or through co-processing, in which part of traditional fuels is replaced by this renewable product. We are continuing our research to diversify the use of bio-oil and guarantee the best performance for our customers. Find out more on the Innovation page.

Commitments to Renewing Life

We are committed to offering 10 million tonnes of products from renewable sources that can replace plastic and other petroleum-based products, by 2030. Learn more about our goal on the Sustainability Indicators page.

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