About Us

We are a Brazilian multinational company with 100 years of history. We learned from trees that life is always renewing itself and that, with them, it is possible to create a more sustainable future

We Are Part of the Bioeconomy

As the largest pulp manufacturer in the world, one of the largest paper producers in Latin America and the leader in the toilet paper segment in Brazil, we are part of the bioeconomy. This drives us to develop sustainable, innovative and renewable products made from eucalyptus, which is planted and harvested by us for this purpose.

We Bring Sustainability to You

Our sustainable products are part of the lives of more than 2 billion people around the world. They include hygiene items, packaging and disposable paper, printing and writing paper, as well as several other applications that make your daily life easier.

A team of more than
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Our Purpose

Trees have always been by our side, inspiring all our actions. And they are the source of our purpose: Renewing life inspired trees. Learn more about our connection to trees on the Our Purpose page.

A company can only remain strong and competitive when it considers all its stakeholders—including the environment—when making business decisions, and when it engages them in the creation of a more sustainable future. It’s a game where either everyone wins, or everyone loses. Therefore, we must work together.

Walter Schalka
Presidente da Suzano

Planting the Future for 100 Years

Our focus on innovation combined with sustainability, our pioneering spirit and our will to evolve are characteristics of our century-old trajectory. Learn more about our history.

Commitments to Renewing Life

We have established 15 Commitments to Renewing Life, long-term goals aligned with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals, to work on issues that are urgent to society. Check out each of these goals on the Commitments page.

Suzano’s Culture

We have three Culture Drivers that set the tone for how we act as a company: it is only good for us if it is good for the world; people who inspire and transform; and generating and sharing value. Find out more about our drivers on the People and Culture page.

Close to You

We have offices, plants, ports, and distribution and technology centers in different regions of Brazil and the world. On the Where We Are page, you can see where all our sites are located and find the one closest to you.

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