Facilitating connections to plant a better future is what drives us. This is why we created SuzanoLAB, a digital environment to connect startups, universities and other companies that, like us, believe that we must find solutions that combine innovation with sustainability. Let’s work together to leverage innovative ideas and generate value for the entire innovation ecosystem. If you share this purpose, come transform the world with us.


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Benefits of Connecting Your Startup to Suzano

Our open innovation efforts are gaining momentum and becoming a benchmark across the startup ecosystem. We are careful to ensure that this relationship is beneficial to all parties. We are committed to fostering a culture of innovation to help more people feel prepared to innovate and develop solutions collaboratively.

We work in three areas

Developing innovative technologies
Solving complex problems
Supporting innovation processes

How does SuzanoLAB work?

There are two ways to connect with us: through open challenges or by registering your startup in our database.

Open Challenges

Visit this page to learn about the innovation challenges we launch and find out whether your startup has a solution to our problems.

Startup Registration

If there are no open challenges, you can submit information about your startup via the registration form. Your ideas will be saved in our database and, if we have any future opportunities, we will contact you.

What is the process?

Through a quick process that requires simple documents, we are able to hire a startup in less than 30 days. To do this, we follow a few steps:

Definition of the challenge

Execution of proofs of concept (POC)

What are the areas of interest?

Cleantech and bioeconomy: solutions for waste, water, fuel and energy

Sensing and remote sensing: ideas related to forests 4.0 and industry 4.0, and safety in logistics operations

AI-driven vanguard: big data for decision-making in eucalyptus farms, to improve decision-making in industrial processes and autonomous logistics

Simplify to win: generating value and taking our areas to the next level through technologies and solutions validated in the ecosystem

Our Partnerships

We have partnerships with Endeavor, AEVO and Cubo. Suzano is the sponsor of Cubo Agro, the largest innovation hub in Latin America. Learn more on the Cubo Agro website.

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