Access to water is essential for the survival of people, businesses and the planet. That is why it is so important to respect the natural supply and demand characteristics of this essential resource that is at the heart of sustainable development.

We care deeply about water: we have initiatives to ensure we use it rationally, as well as goals to reduce withdrawal and increase water availability in critical watersheds in the areas where we operate. Learn more about these goals on the Commitments page.

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Water Use by Eucalyptus

Our production model is based on responsible and sustainable practices that contribute to water conservation, considering the characteristics of each environment where we operate. Our farms are integrated with native forest conservation areas to protect biodiversity, preserve springs and reduce risks such as silting of rivers and lakes.

Eucalyptus, like any plant, needs water to survive. However, it is able to produce more wood with the same amount of water consumption compared to other species. This qualifies eucalyptus as one of the most efficient plants in terms of water use for biomass production.

We continue to invest in innovation to make eucalyptus water use even more efficient. Here are two examples:

Microbacias (“Micro basins”) Project

A watershed monitoring network, the Microbacias Project aims to develop new forest management techniques to produce wood in harmony with water resources.

Seedling protection collar

The protection collar is a mixture of water and cellulose fiber, an organic waste from our industrial process, which is applied to the roots of the seedlings. This helps reduce the amount of water needed at the time of planting.

Nature and Eucalyptus in Harmony

By incorporating sustainable practices, eucalyptus farms can contribute to the recovery of degraded and desertified land, and to the growth of native vegetation.

This happens because the eucalyptus leaves and branches that fall to the ground turn into organic matter and become a source of food for microorganisms, worms, insects, fungi, bacteria and other organisms, helping keep the soil healthy and protected against erosion and water evaporation. To learn more about our initiatives to protect nature, check out the Environment and Biodiversity page.

Water Use in Industrial Processes

Our industrial units manage water sustainably. Among other actions, we were able to recirculate up to 85% of the water in our production process before returning it to the environment. This is possible due to a series of internal reuse of water in our industries, which also have water treatment plants. If a person follows a drop of water captured by Suzano's factories, they will notice that it recirculates approximately 4.5 times in different stages of the process before being treated and returned to the water body. Learn more about our production process on the Value Chain page.

1 drop of water

is reused 4.5 times in our industrial processes

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