Innovation Strategy

Behind our products and processes is the combination of innovation with sustainability, or what we call innovability. This is what motivates us to develop and offer solutions to advance the bioeconomy, which is based on the sustainable and rational use of raw materials from renewable sources, such as eucalyptus, to replace finite resources, such as oil.

Our Innovation Comes From Trees

The combination of innovation with sustainability is the starting point for the development of eucalyptus-based renewable alternatives.

Learn more about our search for renewable products on the Product Innovation page

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7 technology


4 in Brazil
1 in Canada
1 in Israel
1 in China

to invest in startups through Suzano Ventures


evaluated in our Open Innovation program

Research and Innovation

Innovation is in all links of our value chain, which is why we have a dedicated Research and Innovation area.
We innovate in three dimensions:


Innovation in our business


Innovation adjacent to our business


Search for new products and new businesses

We develop projects in the areas of:

Forest biotechnology

Genetics and genetic improvement

Forest management

Kraft pulp development (process and product)

Fluff pulp

Biorefinery and bioproducts

Paper development

Sustainable packaging

Paper-based consumer goods

Check out our initiatives to ensure sustainability and efficiency in our production chain on the Process Innovation page.

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Building Partnerships

Working in partnership with other organizations, such as universities, science and technology institutes, and startups, is essential to accelerating research and development processes. Such is our confidence in this truth that we are the second Brazilian company with the most interactions with startups, through our open innovation initiatives. Find out more the Open Innovation page.

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