A 100-year-old

Our choices shape our present and sow the future we want to build. This is how life is and, at Suzano, we choose to cultivate innovation and sustainability and care for people and the planet. This way, we continue to plant the future. Not just today, but for the next 100 years.

The celebration of our
100 years

A 100-year-old startup

By setting our sight on the future and surrounding ourselves with innovative and brave people, we have reached our 100-year-anniversary milestone. Watch this video to learn more about our journey. And for more information about our trajectory and key milestones, visit our History page.

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Astrology chart

We asked an astrologer to create the birth chart of someone who was born on January 22, 1924, the date that marked the beginning of our history. The stars confirmed what we already knew: we have been predestined to innovate and renew with sustainability.

Our roots
are strong

The inspiration for our century-old journey has remained the same since day one: trees.

They teach us that life is constantly renewing and that, in them, we can find innovative solutions to complex challenges faced by society, such as climate change. It is not by chance that they are at the core of our purpose:

life inspired by trees

In our everyday lives

In our 100 years, we have been part of the lives of more than 2 billion people around the world, with our solutions produced from eucalyptus, our renewable raw material.

We are in products from different categories: in the paper of books we read, in personal care products used by our families, in paper straws and cups, in packaging and other items that make our routine more sustainable.

Committed to people and the planet

Through our renewable products and solutions and our social and environmental commitments, we are on a journey to make the world a cleaner and fairer place for all people.

This is how we sow, every day, a positive legacy for the next generations and for the next 100 years. Learn more in the Commitments page.

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