For 100 years, innovation has been in our DNA. We strive to do things differently and better as we work in each process, knowing that this effort drives us toward a more sustainable future. We are always innovating in our products and processes, and welcoming more partners—organizations and companies that are part of our value chain, such as universities and startups—to innovate with us.

Our Strategy

Combining innovation with sustainability is the way to find solutions to society’s urgent challenges. This is the basis of our innovation strategy. We have an area dedicated to research and innovation that develops projects in the areas of biotechnology, genetics, breeding, forest management, pulp, fluff, biorefinery, paper, packaging and consumer goods. To learn more, visit the Innovation Strategy page.

We seek to innovate throughout our value chain, which includes farming eucalyptus, harvesting raw materials, processing products and managing distribution logistics. Everything we do is aimed at making our processes more sustainable. Check out our initiatives on the Process Innovation page.

We are committed to developing renewable products and finding more sustainable solutions for our daily lives. Additionally, we work to address issues that affect society as a whole, such as replacing fossil-based items with materials from renewable sources. We work through successful partnerships to help improve people’s consumption habits. Find out more about on the Product Innovation page.

We believe that partnerships with startups and individuals who endeavor to promote the bioeconomy are essential for creating a better and more sustainable future. You can also be part of this movement that combines technology with sustainability. Learn how on the Open Innovation page.

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