We believe that each person on our team has the responsibility to transform integrity into an attitude, maintaining a healthy cycle for the company and our stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, business partners, communities, investors and others.

Compliance program

To achieve our objectives in an ethical and transparent manner, we have implemented a Compliance Program to prevent, detect and respond to various risks. This initiative is organized into eight pillars, distributed across three main axes: Prevention, Detection and Response.


The tone comes from the top

Commitment from top management


Risk assessment

Identification and assessment of compliance risks


Policies and procedures

Development and review of policies and procedures


Training and communication

Sharing and strengthening the culture through training and communication


Conflicts of interest

Analysis and monitoring of potential conflicts of interest


Third party management

Analysis and monitoring of third parties


Control and monitoring

Control mechanisms and indicators to monitor the Compliance Program


Governance and reporting

Reporting lines and continuous development of the Compliance Program

Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Suzano Code of Ethics and Conduct is a tool that guides our actions and decisions. It ensures that our activities reflect ethical behavior and cultivates respect in relationships with our stakeholders.

Anti-corruption practices

We have zero tolerance for corruption and recognize the importance of transparency and integrity. Therefore, we act in compliance with national and international anti-corruption laws and strive to maintain healthy relationships with governments, business partners and other stakeholders.

Integrity in the Value Chain

Together with other private sector companies, we stand by our public commitment to operating with integrity. To explore this subject, read the document “Private Sector Commitment to Integrity in the Value Chain.”

Internal and external ombudsman

Our complaints channel is confidential and independent. It is available to our entire team and the general public to report situations that may violate the Suzano Code of Ethics and Conduct, our policies and standards, and go against current laws applicable to business where we operate.
The channel guarantees anonymity, if requested by the complainant. The investigation of reports is impartial and aims to determine veracity and apply appropriate measures. We do not allow or tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone who files a report.

UN Global Compact

Suzano is a signatory to the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, which formalizes good business practices that must be followed by companies that have committed to the initiative.
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