Human Rights

Human rights are universal basic rights (such as life, freedom, work and education) that must be respected regardless of social class, race, nationality, religion, culture, profession, gender, sexual orientation or any other status. It is the duty of governments to protect these rights, and of companies, of all sizes and sectors, to respect them.

What We Do

We respect all internationally recognized human rights, both within our operations and across our value chain. We take measures to prevent, mitigate and remedy human rights abuses, in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. For more information, read Suzano’s Corporate Human Rights Policy.

Areas We Focus On

We strive to promote human rights throughout our value chain and work actively to leverage the positive impact of our activities, helping to transform society. Check out the areas we work on

Labor rights
Harassment and discrimination
Compulsory labor, child labor and human trafficking
Occupational health and safety
Indigenous peoples and traditional communities
Local communities
Defense of human rights
Healthy environment and access to water

Our Social Development Strategy

We establish partnerships to boost socioeconomic growth in the regions where we operate. Visit the Social Development page to find more information on our strategy.

Regional Efforts

We strive to grow together with the more than 200 Brazilian towns that host our operations. We foster dialogue with the communities where we operate to understand their main needs and, based on that, propose local development projects and initiatives. Learn more about our efforts on the Neighboring Communities page.

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