Using more and more renewable alternatives is urgent to combat the climate crisis. Therefore, we invest in the use of clean and renewable energy sources. To learn more about the subject, access the Sustainability Indicators page.

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of our energy matrix

was made up of clean and renewable sources in 2023

What we do


Our industrial sites are 100% electric energy self-sufficient, as we use eucalyptus biomass and residues from pulp production to generate our own energy, which is clean and renewable.

Sell renewable energy

Some of our sites produce more energy than we need. This energy is supplied for Brazilian grid, contributing to a cleaner and more renewable electricity matrix in Brazil. bringing clean and renewable energy to homes in our neighboring communities.

Prioritize renewable energy

In addition to clean and renewable electrical energy, we prioritize the use of renewable energy sources throughout our production process, reducing the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas and oil. Currently, 88% of our total energy matrix comes from clean and renewable sources.

Climate commitments

As part of our sustainability goals, we are committed to tackling the climate crisis and generating clean energy. Learn more about our long-term goals on the Commitments page.

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