As global leaders, we are committed to planting a better future for the planet and people by offering solutions to society’s challenges. Every day, we work to create a world that is cleaner, more renewable and fairer.

Regenerative Economy

Rather than depleting the Earth's natural resources, we advocate for businesses to adopt a regenerative approach, focusing on the conservation and restoration of the environment. This represents the pathway to establishing a regenerative economy, a strategic imperative for us. Discover more on our Sustainability Strategy page.

Sustainable from end to end

We are committed to ensuring the highest levels of sustainability at all stages of our processes, from the planting of eucalyptus seedlings through the end of the life cycle of our products. Learn about our production stages on the Value Chain page.

Commitments to Renewing Life

We are responsible for leading the movement to renew the way we produce and consume. Because of this, we set 15 long-term goals aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), addressing two inseparable dimensions: the planet and people. Check out each of our goals on the Commitments page.

 Go to Commitments

Sustainable finance

In line with our sustainability strategy, we employ several sustainable finance mechanisms. Check out some of them and learn about our evolution in the main ESG indexes and ratings in which we participate.

Sustainability Report  

Check out details about our operations, results and noteworthy projects, at national and international levels

Sustainability Indicators  

All information related to our sustainability management and performance in one place.

Sustainability Indicators

More on Sustainability

Browse the People and Planet pages to learn more about our initiatives.

Social Development

Our social development initiatives to create a fairer worldVisit Social Development

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Social Programs and Partnerships

Examples of our social projects and partnerships with other companies and organizations

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Call for Proposals

Guidelines for submitting social projects to receive investments from Suzano

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Neighboring Communities

Information and latest news about our sites, by regionVisit Neighboring Communities

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our initiatives to make us an increasingly inclusive company

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Human Rights

Policies and initiatives in support of Human Rights

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Health and Safety

Initiatives to ensure the well-being and safety of everyone in our value chain

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Our volunteer initiatives, projects and partnerships to plant a better future

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Environment and Biodiversity

Native forest restoration and conservation programs, and initiatives to protect biodiversity

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We are commited to the climate and have challenging goals and initiatives to tackle the climate emergency

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Ecofuturo Institute

A non-profit organization that fosters environmental conservation and promotes knowledge

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An impact company that will restore and protect native forests in different Brazilian biomes

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Our initiatives to support the decarbonization of the economy

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Our efforts to ensure the rational use of energy

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What we do to conserve water and use it sustainably in our farms and plants

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