In partnership with the banks Itaú Unibanco, Rabobank and Santander, the food company Marfrig and the mining company Vale, we created Biomas, an impact business that aims to restore and protect, over 20 years, a total of 4 million hectares of native forests in different Brazilian biomes, such as the Amazon, Atlantic Forest and Cerrado. The area is equivalent to the size of Switzerland or the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is estimated that Biomas will contribute to the protection of more than 4.000 species of animals and plants.

Sustainable Business

To finance its first years of activity, Biomas will receive an initial contribution of R$20 million from each partner. The company’s goal is to create a business model that is also sustainable from a financial standpoint, financing each restoration, conservation and preservation project through the sale of carbon credits. The projects implemented by Biomas are expected to achieve 900 million tonnes of carbon equivalent removals and avoided emissions. For more information, visit the Biomas website.

Social development

In addition to the environmental benefits, the company is also expected to help foster regional development and strengthen local communities through projects to facilitate job creation and income generation.

Biomas will allocate:

2 million


the ecological restoration of degraded areas

2 million


conservation and preservation of native forest

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