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The future is part of our day-to-day life. With this in mind, Suzano works to enable a present and a future of bio-possibilities.

Learn about our innovation strategy, which seeks to cater to people's desire for renewable products in a low-carbon economy:

Innovate to
be better

Combined with our R&D framework, we use open innovation to embed productivity into our chain, from end to end. We search for solutions to the challenges of our business.
See how innovation coupled with sustainability permeates our production chain.

Innovate to

Pulp can be a differentiator based on the needs of our clients and on new uses and applications. Our Eucafluff, a short-fiber fluff pulp, is one such example.

Innovate to
create the future

Our world needs sustainable solutions to ensure that people can consume things that bring well-being into their lives. We believe some of the answers can come from our planted forests.
We work to provide people with the full potential of the eucalyptus we plant.

Our innovation
in numbers


years of research together with the consumer goods industry to create Eucafluff


years of research and innovation to create Ecolig, a sustainable solution to replace fossil materials


research centers in Brazil


research centers abroad (Canada and Israel)


ongoing lines of research


patents and patent applications

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