Suzano and Senai train 70 forest machine operators in Ribas do Rio Pardo (MS)

Of the total, 63 graduates (90%) are local residents, 17 are women and one is a person with a disability. All of them are already able to work in Suzano's forest operations or in the market, especially in eucalyptus harvesting.

June 19, 2023
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Suzano and Senai train 70 forest machine operators in Ribas do Rio Pardo (MS)

Suzano, a global reference in the manufacture of bioproducts developed from the cultivation of eucalyptus, and Senai (National Industrial Learning Service), held the graduation of 70 people in the professional qualification course for Forest Machine Operators, in Ribas from Rio Pardo (MS). Of this total, 63 graduates (90%) are local residents, 17 are women and one is a person with a disability. From now on, they are able to work in the company's or market's forestry operations, especially in eucalyptus harvesting.

According to Maurício Miranda, director of Engineering at Suzano, the graduation was another important milestone in the trajectory of implementation of the company's new factory in the municipality. “We have several relevant missions in the development of the enterprise and the professional qualification to serve the forestry sector is one of the most challenging. With Senai's essential support, we are qualifying local labor to work in our operations, or in the market in general, and we are also contributing to the socioeconomic development of the region. After all, at Suzano we believe that 'it's only good for us if it's good for the world'", he said.

With a seven-month duration, the operators took the first step in training with theoretical classes and simulator operation to get the first notions of forestry equipment in a safe way, as reported by Rodrigo Zagonel, executive forestry manager at Suzano. “In the second month, they started activities in the field without operating the machine, just getting to know and get used to the equipment. In the last stage of the training, which lasted five months, the classes focused on practical training, with future operators harvesting eucalyptus in the company's farms. It is a complete and robust qualification, which makes them ready to take on the eucalyptus harvest immediately”, he explained.

According to Angela Aparecida dos Santos, executive manager of People and Management at Suzano, all 70 people trained are eligible to participate in Suzano's selection processes over the next few months, depending on the availability of vacancies. “Suzano is concerned with ensuring equal access to opportunities and, therefore, there are no distinctions in its professional qualification actions or in hiring. We are very happy to reach the end of this stage with the first group of operators trained in Ribas do Rio Pardo with a high completion rate. This demonstrates that people are interested in the activity and have a lot to contribute to the company's future”, she emphasized.

One of the 17 women who completed the course is Emilly Vitória da Silva, who left Physical Education college to follow in her mother's footsteps, who is already a forest machine operator at Suzano. “It is a totally different area and one that provided me with several learnings. Operating heavy machinery is an enchanting profession and I fell in love with it. Suzano and Senai helped me a lot to make this dream come true and now I hope to be able to join the career and share what I learned in the qualification program”, she said, encouraging other women to follow the same path.


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