Suzano completes construction of family health strategy center in the Estoril II neighborhood, in Ribas do Rio Pardo

The company invested a total of R$3.3 million in the construction of the Family Health Strategy Center that will be equipped by the local government to provide high-quality family healthcare to the local community

January 31, 2024
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Suzano completes construction of family health center

This Wednesday, January 31, Suzano, a global benchmark in the manufacture of bioproducts developed from cultivated eucalyptus, presented to the Town of Ribas do Rio Pardo, where the company is building a new plant, a Family Health Strategy center newly built in the Estoril II neighborhood. The company invested a total of R$3.3 million to build and adapt the facility that will be equipped by the local government to provide high-quality family healthcare to local residents. This is another project completed by the company as part of its basic environmental plan (PBA, in Portuguese).

“When we decided to settle in Ribas do Rio Pardo, we discussed with all government and organized civil society representatives the best investments to be made in the town as part of the PBA. Health was one of the priority areas chosen to be addressed in different ways, such as the expansion of the municipal hospital, for example. The construction of the Family Health Strategy Center in the Estoril II neighborhood complements these efforts as a symbol of our continuous dialogue with the community,” said Maurício Miranda, director of Engineering at Suzano.

The 351 m²-center in the Estoril II neighborhood will be named Nova Esperança. It was built on a plot of 840 m² and has 16 rooms, including a dentist office, a blood drawing room, two medical offices, and an area for storing and dispensing medicines. The facility also has an observation room with accessible bathroom, a pre-consultation office, a steam inhalation room, a wound dressing room, a vaccination room, a medical office with accessible bathroom, a group activity room, a warehouse, an administrative and management office, a sterilization room, a medical waste storage room, a kitchen, a men’s locker room, a women’s locker room and two accessible bathrooms.

Construction completed by Suzano includes air conditioning installation, logistics structures, electric wiring, fire prevention and other structural needs. Following the completion of construction, the municipal government is now in charge of furnishing and equipping the center, as well as training personnel to provide services, as per the signed term of commitment.

From beginning to end, construction took only seven months, a very short time considering the project’s high standards. The use of an advanced construction system resulted in increased agility, better performance and lower final cost. Additionally, the sustainability-focused system enabled an up to 80% reduction in wood and waste on the construction site while ensuring increased structural strength and savings on energy bills, making it a more comfortable environment for users.


The initiatives included in the PBA were approved by government and civil society representatives in 2021. The Urban Infrastructure Adaptation Program received an investment of R$48 million (preliminary amount) for local improvements in the areas of health, education, social development, housing, public safety and traffic safety.

In addition to the inauguration of the Family Health Strategy Center in the Estoril II neighborhood, Suzano has already completed the Ribas do Rio Pardo Family Shelter and invested R$12 million in the expansion of the Dr. José Maria Marques Domingues Municipal Hospital, in addition to investing R$470,000 in equipment to enable the laboratory to perform new types of tests. The company also donated a mobile health bus with two fully equipped offices to serve remote areas of the town.

Suzano has also presented three vehicles to the Civil Police—one for transporting prisoners, one official police car for overt policing in the town and one car for undercover investigations. It also donated one official vehicle to the Military Fire Department and another for exclusive use by the Federal Highway Police, in addition to security equipment to the Mato Grosso do Sul Military Police riot battalion.

Finally, construction of the Federal Highway Police Operational Unit, a new Civil Police station, a Worker Support House and 50 housing units is currently underway.

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