Suzano delivers expansion of the Municipal Hospital of Ribas do Rio Pardo (MS) with 30 new beds

Suzano delivers new beds to Municipal Hospital in Ribas do Rio Pardo (MS). In all, the company invested BRL 12 million

August 25, 2023
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Expansion of the Municipal Hospital of Ribas do Rio Pardo (MS)

Suzano, the world's largest producer of market pulp and a global reference in the manufacture of bioproducts developed from the cultivation of eucalyptus, delivered this Thursday (24th) the expansion of the Municipal Hospital – Dr. José Maria Marques Domingues, in Ribas do Rio Pardo (MS), in compliance with one of the commitments assumed with the local community through the Basic Environmental Plan (PBA). In all, the company invested BRL 12 million in a work that added more than 800 square meters to the hospital unit, enabling the implementation of 20 new nursing beds fully equipped by the company and 10 new ICU beds (Intensive Care Unit), of which three were equipped by Suzano.

The final investment represents almost BRL 3 million more than the BRL 9.25 million initially forecast, mainly due to the increase in the number of ICU beds to 10. In addition, equipment and the installation of medical gases such as compressors were included , vacuum pump, oxygen center, among others, as well as recovery of the corridors and reception of the building. At the peak of the work, 70 people worked on expanding the hospital.

“The expansion of the hospital and the delivery of new equipment will allow the municipality to provide medium-complexity care to the population through the Unified Health System (SUS), reducing the need to transport patients to other municipalities. At Suzano, we have a director who says that 'it's only good for us if it's good for the world' and, by delivering this new and spacious area of the municipal hospital, we are honoring the commitment signed with Mato Grosso do Sul when the work was launched construction of the factory, which is to contribute to socioeconomic transformation and improve people's quality of life", reinforces Maurício Miranda, director of Engineering at Suzano.

Also as part of the expansion, equipment was delivered by the company, such as: multi-parametric monitors, pulmonary ventilators, defibrillators, furniture, filtration system and air conditioning. In the same expanded area, rooms for medication preparation, pharmacy and bathrooms were also structured. In addition, Suzano has already delivered an additional R$470,000 in equipment to support new exams in the hospital's laboratory, with a view to expanding the capacity and speed of medical analysis.

After the company's investment, the hospital's capacity for intensive care (ICU) is being expanded by 100%, as it did not exist in the hospital unit. According to the mayor of Ribas do Rio Pardo, João Alfredo Danieze, the expansion of the Municipal Hospital is one of the works most expected by the population.

“The accelerated economic development of the city has raised many demands, especially in health. The guarantee of this work in Suzano's Basic Environmental Program (PBA) is of fundamental importance for the municipality. The number of doctors has already jumped from 14 to 48. Pharmacy consultations jumped from 12,940 to 121,738, from last year to now. The amount of medicine delivered to the population increased from 334,525 units to 3,116,626. These are two data that represent an increase in services above 930%, which demonstrates that hospital reform is of paramount importance for the population”, he emphasizes.


With this delivery, Suzano completes one more stage of the Basic Environmental Plan (PBA). In the health area alone, in addition to the equipment already delivered and the R$ 470,000 for medical examinations on the premises of the Municipal Hospital, Suzano should deliver by the end of the year a bus equipped for medical consultations, which will serve as an instrument more in the prevention and treatment of the citizens of Ribas do Rio Pardo, mainly those who live in more remote communities, and the construction of the Basic Health Unit in Bairro Estoril II.

Still through the PBA, three vehicles have already been delivered to the Civil Police of the municipality and one to the Military Fire Department, and the Casa de Passagem to the city hall. In the coming months, the delivery of a vehicle for the exclusive use of the Federal Highway Police (PRF) and a self-pumping forestry tank truck for the Military Fire Brigade are planned, as well as the implementation of a security video monitoring system with 28 cameras, the construction and delivery of the PRF Operational Unit, the new Civil Police station, the Shelter and Worker Support Houses, and 50 housing units – all works in progress.

The initiatives foreseen in the PBA were approved by representatives of the Public Power and civil society in 2021, and the Urban Infrastructure Adaptation Program, has an investment of R$ 48 million (initial value) in the areas of health, education, development social security, housing, public safety and traffic safety in the municipality.


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