Suzano joins International Sustainable Forestry Coalition

The International Sustainable Forestry Coalition (ISFC) enable the sector to contribute on the transition from a fossil based economy to the circular bioeconomy

December 6, 2023
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Suzano joins International Sustainable Forestry Coalition

In September a group of leading global sustainable forestry companies launched the International Sustainable Forestry Coalition (ISFC), to enable the sector to positively contribute to the global conversations focused on the transition from a fossil based economy to the circular bioeconomy.

Today the ISFC is delighted to announce that Suzano, one of the world’s leading forestry sector companies, has become a member.

Suzano, headquartered in Brazil, is a globally respected forestry sector leader. With almost a hundred years of operation, the company manages extensive sustainable timber plantation estates and creates a vast range of fibre-based products. One out of every three tissue products used in the world today will have come from Suzano’s operations.

Convening Chair of the ISFC Dr. David Brand said, “With the inclusion of Suzano in the ISFC, the group represents more than 12.6 million hectares (31 million acres) of forests for conservation and production in 30 countries across all six forest growing continents. ISFC member companies have operations in geographies ranging from the northern Boreal forests to the tropics of SE Asia and Africa to the plantation-based forests of South America, Australia and New Zealand. The common factor is that all our members recognize the growing importance of the forestry sector in supporting the transitions to a circular bio-economy and sustainable land use systems that contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation and the conservation of nature.”

Chief Executive Officer of Suzano Walter Schalka said, “it is a great pleasure to be part of the International Sustainable Forestry Coalition (ISFC), since we recognize the importance of joining hands with other companies, groups and our own sector to drive the transition to the bioeconomy by bringing sustainable solutions to society. We believe we are part of the solution to climate and biodiversity challenges - an important issue in the company’s strategy - and are constantly seeking opportunities to play a leading role.


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